[talk-au] Show Ground Tag

edodd at billiau.net edodd at billiau.net
Sat Nov 14 20:41:05 GMT 2009

> G'Day All
> I was just marking the show grounds here in Rockhampton but I'm not
> quite sure what tag to use.  I've had a look at the tags on the OSM Wiki
> under landuse, Amenity and Leisure and nothing seems to be the right
> tag.  I even had a look under the Australian tagging guidelines.  I
> looked up to see what tag used for the exhibition grounds in Brisbane.
> It's been tagged landuse=commercial.  Hmmm....yessss but I still don't
> think it's the right tag.  Is the above tag the right one?  If not what
> is the right tag?
> Sean

I think we have used landuse=recreation_ground or summat similar for a
rural showground
big city ones aren't recreation grounds in the same way as they aren't
used for cricket on sundays

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