[talk-au] Tagging the little joiner road bits on a dual carriage way

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Sat Nov 21 05:25:29 GMT 2009

Matt White wrote:
> I should probably know how to do this, but's what's the accepted 
> technique for tagging the u-turn points and the like in a dual carriage 
> way? I think they shoud probably be just little links between both ways, 
> probably of the same highway type as the road they are linking, but they 
> are nameless.

Arguably, a u-turn link on, say, the Hume Highway is part of the Hume 
Highway.  My feeling is that it could be legitimately named as such.

A u-turn point for emergency vehicles only should be tagged with an 
appropriate access restriction.  Not only is that the accurate 
representation, but it hopefully stops routing software from telling 
ordinary drivers to use it for u-turns.


> A little ascii art to illustrate the problem:
>    |b      |c
>    |       |
>    |   a    |
>    |-------|
>    |       |
>    |       |
>    |       |
>    |       |
> So b and c are the parallel ways, and a is the linker road.
> Mostly, I think it's done making the linker bit either tagged as 
> primary_link, secondary_link or just tertiary/residential.
> Now we have some decent hi-res imagery courtesy of nearmap, it's a lot 
> easier to locate these linker ways
> Matt
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