[talk-au] OSM Client for Symbian?

Ashley Kyd ash at kyd.com.au
Fri Oct 2 03:27:18 BST 2009

It also takes waypoints which is extra useful if you're going to use it
to contribute to OSM.

On Fri, 2009-10-02 at 12:01 +1000, Jason Stirk wrote:
> But, save your trace frequently, and don't dare interrupt saving a
> trace, lest it eat all your hard work and crash...

Even better, turn on the GPX stream feature and it'll write your trace
to a GPX file in real time, so if it crashes it can resume/restore the

I find it's generally a quite solid app, if a little resource hungry. My
main problem is that my phone runs out of memory and starts randomly
closing things if I try to do too much.

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