[talk-au] New CC-BY datasets due Monday 28 September on Government 2.0 Taskforce website

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 12:26:01 BST 2009

2009/10/5 Sam Vekemans <acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com>:
> That's true. .. so someone who's kind-of familiar with the area (been down
> the road at least once in their life?

Some people have better memories than others.

> Perhaps maybe the suggestion is to hold off on that planning aspect, or
> rather,not concentrate efforts on it, as the data may become available
> later?

I wasn't suggesting other wise, just pointing out the majority of the
roads in sparsely populated area may not be surveyed by someone any
time soon  (if at all).

> I saw the link of 'streams' pop up, perhaps when all data that is available
> is imported, then deal with what isn't available :)

I wasn't adding new rivers, I was tidying up existing ones, although
the stream data may be better again but I'm yet to see it so no idea.

> So a lesson from Alberta is that there have been a few people who spent lots
> of time traveling the back-roads, collecting road names. or lots of tracing
> (before data became available)
> So the only thing that i can recommend is to 'not actively encourage'.
> .... but then, how can you not actively encourage mapping? (rhetorical)

No one is actively encouraging it, although I am trying to locate some
more grey nomads that do tend to end up on a lot of back roads,
especially as they head north for winter and then journey south at
about this time of the year.

> So thats where we needed to draw the line.  The method of 'making data
> available, so people can copy what they like, is probably better than 1
> person importing it all at once.   Purpose being to get it done FAST, rather
> than the passive approach of 'top quality'.

The property boundary data set is exactly that, property boundaries,
it just happens that the gaps between property boundaries has useful
other information if you can figure it out.

> So by me making the data available (all the railways/buildings... all canvec
> data) and all the river data simply 'available'.  Then we can have local
> people volunteering to copy-in the data n that they know is more accurate.
> Also, they already know what rivers they traced, and (if it was roads) would
> already know what roads they drew in.

There is a number of rivers that partly exist due to existing ABS data
imported, these boundaries line up with natural features at times,
other data sets that just became available add to this body of
information already import into the system.

> So (instead) by making ALL the data converted. ... local people can copy in
> what they like.   It (probably) will still be only a few of us who end up
> copying in the majority,  but at least it will be more local people.

There is bearly enough active people in Australia to make up the
numbers needed to form a LC, I highly doubt we'd get enough local
people across all of Australia that even a small fraction of data
would be imported this way. I just don't see this as practical unless
we get a large number of Germans helping us out :)

>> You do know there is 2.1million property boundaries right?
> It's the 'method' the actual import can be automated, i got oodles of rivers
> in Canada too :-)  ... just like the method of actual data conversion is
> (now) automated. :-)

hmmm perhaps I wasn't clear, you do realise there is 2.1 million
property boundaries right?

> Ya, so the though that 'the source data files' aren't going anywhere, is not
> exactly true.  Any new government can go in there and scrap or improve on
> whatever departments they want. ... i think usually it would be either
> improve... or delay improvements :)

There is only a very limited subset of geospatial data that has been
released, about 31 sets of geographical data so making backup copies
now will prevent them from disappearing entirely, although that
doesn't mean improved data sets will be released.

> ....  which is another reason why im making a backup copy of the source shp
> files as im going along. :-)

Exactly... and the xls files and all the other non-shp files...

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