[talk-au] When does a road become a track?

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Wed Oct 21 02:37:51 BST 2009

I am not sure how this clarifies or confuses the tagging of roads in OSM
compared with the Australian Standard definition. Both seem to be saying the
same thing in different words.

However, to move things along it would be worth looking into
http://www.ozroads.com.au, an unofficial website that summarises the
classification of roads in the states and territories (e.g.
http://www.ozroads.com.au/NSW/RTA/classifications.htm). It would be nice to
have the official classifications aligned to OSM classifications (e.g.
primary , secondary etc).

2009/10/21 John Henderson <snowgum at gmx.com>
Some others in government seem to already have a mistaken idea about what
constitutes a road. Take the Australian Road Rules:

12 What is a road

(1) A road is an area that is open to or used by the public and is
developed for, or has as one of its main uses, the driving or
riding of motor vehicles.
Note Motor vehicle is defined in the dictionary.

(2) However, unless the contrary intention appears, a reference
in the Australian Road Rules (except in this Division) to a
road does not include a reference to:
(a) an area so far as the area is declared, under another law
of this jurisdiction, not to be a road for the Australian
Road Rules; or
(b) any shoulder of the road.
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