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Brendan Morley morb.gis at beagle.com.au
Wed Oct 21 15:03:28 BST 2009

Yes I have an objection.

>From what I can tell, roads are generally not gazetted in Queensland.  The exceptions seem to be State transport routes (i.e. those under control of Main 
Roads).  All roads are registered as part of survey plans and the like.

By way of illustration: http://www.toowoomba.qld.gov.au/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=1301&Itemid=71 states in its section 5:


Dedicated  An area of land dedicated to public use as a road; or an area  
road    that is open to or used by the public and is developed for, or has 
as one of its main uses, the driving or riding of motor vehicles; 
but does not include a State-controlled road under the Transport 
Infrastructure Act 1994. 

Formed     A dedicated road that does not have gravel paving but which is 
road    formed using a grader so that stormwater will drain off laterally. 

Gravel paved  A dedicated road that has been formed and surfaced with gravel 
road    paving material (usually transported to the site). 

Unformed  A dedicated road that has been cleared and open to, and  
road    customarily used by the public. 

Unmade    A dedicated road that has had no capital improvements including 
road    clearing, formation and gravel paving. Notwithstanding, an un-
made road may be trafficable or un-trafficable in all weathers. 

So according to Toowoomba City Council's definition, we'd be looking to use "highway=unmade".

I wouldn't mind knowing how other jurisdictions categorise it.


On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 02:43:04 +1000, John Smith wrote:

>Unless anyone has an objection I propose that we tagged non-existent
>roads from DCDB Qld as:


>Anything that hasn't been surveyed can be tagged as highway=road which
>is consistent with current usage, these will also be rendered enough
>to indicate they need to be surveyed and hopefully this will encourage
>people to participate even if they don't have a GPS.

>I updated the wiki as well to reflect this:


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