[talk-au] Garmin Handheld with osm and shonkymaps

Babstar debian-list at blueturtles.com
Fri Oct 23 02:36:46 BST 2009

Ross Scanlon wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm looking at buying a handheld gps, probably Garmin, that can have the
> osm maps and shonkymaps loaded.
> This will mainly be used for bushwalking, thus the shonkymaps, so I'd like
> to be able to have both available all the time.
> Is anyone here using a Garmin with osm maps and/or shonkymaps? If which
> model?
          I'm using a Garmin Vista HCX with OSM, utilising 
http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php nightly snapshot, and works very 
You will need an micorSD memory card for it (I'm using a 4Gb).  Its nice 
because you can it in USB mass storage mode suitable for 
Linux/Mac/Windows to access the map & GPX tracks.  Screen is excellent, 
unit is rugged, excellent battery life. Not a single day of regret!
I believe you can have multiple maps, but only display one at a time.  
(maps have to be loaded through mapsource software in one go, or 
possibly qlandkarte)
see this reference:     

I haven't tried shonkeymaps as yet with it.


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