[talk-au] Garmin Handheld with osm and shonkymaps

Ben benedikt at cortado.de
Fri Oct 23 02:58:38 BST 2009

I'll look into shonkymaps.
Thats probably a good backup where OSM still needs improvement.

I didnt go for the 76, because its too bulky for me.
The 60 series is waterproof to the same standard (IPX7) as the 76. I 
have tied the device properly to my boat or myself whenever Im on the water.
This compensated floating for me, and on the car or on the bike, I can 
enjoy the better button placement of the 60er. (buttons belong _below_ 
the display for me..)

For the maps, Im preparing a micropage to host my scripts and other 
files, as there is a bit more required than just a short mail to render 
custom IMG-maps.
Will post that here when its up.

For the contour-maps, I am using http://www.lizarddrinking.net/ which is 
made from SRTM maps.
Im tried to render shaded contour maps, but this seems like a difficult 
process and is further down on my list. The lizard contours are just 
lines, but they are well made (regarding zoom levels), and using sendmap 
(http://www.cgpsmapper.com/) you can combine those maps with the osm and 
This will create several layers (in a single mapfile) on the GPSr, what 
you can (de)select on the go.


Ross Scanlon wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Thanks.
>> I dont know much about shonkymaps,
>> but Im using a Garmin 60Csx with osm+contour maps for bushwalking. I
>> dont miss any map details, and if, I add them..
> Shonkymaps are topos so that when osm is not available I'll still have
> maps available.
>> My opinion about the device: In comparison to other models, the 60Csx
>> delivers the best package in terms of accuracy, device layout and price.
>> The Vista HCx is similar in regards to features, but I dont like the
>> smaller screen and lack of  buttons.
>> If you dont need the barometer (what I dont use at all) or the compass
>> (what I love, especially when reception is poor), then go for the slim
>> brother of both above mentioned, and save a few bucks.
>> For a floating (but bulkier) unit, the 76C(s)x has similar/same features.
> The 60Csx and 76Csx are what I had been looking at.  Probably the 76
> because it floats and we will possibly be using it in wet areas.
>> However,  thats not ideal for me in terms of rendering, so Im creating
>> custom maps from OSM data using mkgmap.
>> I am about halfway through the process of creating proper rendering
>> rules and TYP files for my two main purposes: hiking and mapping.
>> If someone else is using mkmap, Im happy to exchange about the scripts
>> and rules Im using.
> I'd be interested in these, particularly if you can use the NASA SRTM
> contour data as I've got this setup on the invehicle PC and it's very
> useful.
> Cheers
> Ross
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