[talk-au] Garmin Handheld with osm and shonkymaps

Ben benedikt at cortado.de
Fri Oct 23 10:57:19 BST 2009


yes, the logs are in gpx format, but I think the author of the quoted 
sentence didnt have microSD capacities in mind as we now can buy.
With a 16GB card, you will hit file system limitations sooner that size 

The limitation in regards to the number of files happens when logging to 
the microSD.
Using photobank, you should be able come around the limit of 255 files 
by deleting the tracks saved to the card on the Garmin after backup 
(thats the only thing what you can do with those tracklogs directly on 
the device)
However, a month without "maintenance" shouldnt be a problem.
Avoiding to switch off the device for short periods saves one file each.


Ross Scanlon wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Thanks.
> What happens if you log directly to the microSD rather than the internal memory?
> The user manual shows this as an option and it also states that they are in gpx format.  From the manual:
> "Using this option allows you to record a large number of track points (depending on the capacity of the microSD card)."
> At this stage most of what we intend to cover is single days returning to base each afternoon, so can then download then and start fresh each morning.  It also would only be logging whilst walking, all in the 4x4 would be logged by the 4x4 pc.
> I'll have to also investigate saving to a photo bank (portable hdd with ability to copy from microSD etc directly to the hdd no computer required).
> Cheers
> Ross
> On Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:27:34 +1100
> Ben <benedikt at cortado.de> wrote:
>> Thanks for the quote from the Garmin site.
>> So.. if you log at the smallest interval possible (1 sec), you will 
>> produce about 12MB of tracklogs per 24 hours.
>> In theory, 12GB is enough space for ]~1000 24-hour-days, but in fact the 
>> file system used by Garmin is (or was?) limiting the number of files 
>> that can be written into a single folder to 255.
>> A new tracklog is started at least every day, but also on every 
>> switch-off/on. During "normal" usage, logging is over after 3 or 4 months.
>> As far as I remember, you are not notified about that on the device, it 
>> just stops logging.
>> Only carrying a laptop or any other device to modify the SDCard helps. 
>> In this case, moving the data to another folder on the card does the trick.
>> Another problem: the inability on those Garmin devices to show all track 
>> data you log.
>> You can save 20 logs, and they can be shown on the device in addition to 
>> the current tracklog, but you cant display all your tracklogs without 
>> converting them into an IMG-overlay.
>> Depending on the chosen log interval, 20 saved logs can be used up 
>> quickly, and it requires manual interaction in certain time intervals.
>> If you rely on those tracklogs to find your way back a few days  later 
>> (or even hours later if you log on 1sec and forget to save manually), 
>> you could get a problem..
>> Id love to find a way around this, but until now, the above mentioned 
>> conversion is the only one I found.
>> -Ben
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