[talk-au] Vote on "highway=nonexistent"

Graeme Wilson wanderer55 at live.com.au
Tue Oct 27 11:19:14 GMT 2009

OK, I have more or less figured out what you are trying to do. I hadn't paid close attention to the various emails that flew by.


I wont vote on whether to have this or not, I just hope you guys have your finger on the pulse. It all automatically went into my too hard basket.


I would definitely agree with highway=disused, I find plenty of them, but if it is to be displayed, then can it be a significant colour and/or thickness and/or dashed line or whatever to indicate disused.


What I do find a lot of, particularly in very old, small towns is that the basic layout is straight streets and right angle intersections, and many of these towns physically dont have the outer most streets, ie never existed, or are barely visible wheel tracks. (or fenced off by locals and running goats and chooks etc) but they exist on the Garmin Nuvi - whereis.com thingie and this is what I want OSM to avoid. The level of map I need is just a mud map with only what really exists.


Going back a bit, could gazetted roads that dont exist or are yet to be made be coloured/thickness altered/dashed or signified differently if they are going to be displayed. 


Or have an optional button to click on to highlight non existant stuff......


Hope you can figure out what I am going on about.


Keep up the good work.


Graeme Wilson VK1RE

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