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Kevin & Ruth Sheather mobilesheathers at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 1 11:30:14 BST 2010

I am leaving for a 5 month trip through parts of outback Australia in a few
weeks and I want to add to OSM as much additional detail as I reasonably
can. I will be travelling in the Flinders Ranges, Red Centre, Queensland
Gulf area and parts of Queensland far north. I am particularly looking for
input on how I should tag roadhouses. Many of them are partly shown. Take
Barkley Homestead on the Barkley Highway in the south of the Northern
Territory for example. It currently has two symbols, a tent with a
"caravan_site" tag and a petrol pump with extensive information that looks
to be supplied by Caltex the site fuel supplier. But there is also a
restaurant, a bar that doubles as the local pub, a coffee shop/snack bar,
cabin accommodation and tent sites. I travelled through the area in August
last year and will be through again this year.


So the question is, should the elements be shown as separate nodes and
individually tagged or as multiple tags to a single node.


Also some highways and major roads are tagged but the names are not
rendering so are not appearing on the map download that I have in MapSource
or that I load into my GPS. The tagging looks different to that shown in
Potlatch examples in the Wiki so I wonder if that is the reason. I am
reluctant to change them until I understand the system a bit better, but
bringing highway information up to date is one thing that I want to achieve
during this trip.


So, over to the experts. Thanks in advance for your help.




Kevin Sheather

Phone 07 3491 7299

Mobile - Kevin 0417 751 678

solutions at bigpond.com


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