[talk-au] Bendigo VIC (Micro?) Mapping Party

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 11:50:01 BST 2010

On 3 April 2010 19:39, Craig Feuerherdt <craigfeuerherdt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you interested in contributing to help make Bendigo VIC one of the
> better mapped regional cities in Australia?

You might want to get as much mapped from Nearmap as possible, unless
the goal of the mapping party is to map from Nearmap.

Anyone anywhere in the world can help with the street alignments, but
they can't help naming streets.

> In the first instance I am seeking feedback as to which day (or weekend)
> would be suitable. Please enter you preferred date(s) at

I'd suggest planning it for 2 months in advanced, and to try and
target similar interest groups (hikers/4wd'ers) etc and invite them
along also.

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