[talk-au] Missing Motorway names

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 00:12:58 BST 2010

On 10 April 2010 09:06, David Murn <davey at incanberra.com.au> wrote:
> So, in other words.. yes, in some parts of the United States, freeway is
> implied to mean no toll, whereas in most of the US (and the rest of the
> world), freeway means the traffic flows free from restrictions,
> regardless of tolls.

We're not in the US, typically in NSW freeway has been used to imply
free from tolls and motorway means tollway

> I was under the impression that road number designations were moving
> TOWARDS the Mx (plus A/B/C) standard, not away from it.

So far in Sydney only the M7 has shifted, the other routes are still
using the older scheme...

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