[talk-au] Wikifiddling

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Apr 27 07:26:34 BST 2010

has been marked by (a nonAussie)
This page has been suggested for clean-up. Please Discuss.
that was dated 02/10/09
It was my first rearrangement of the wiki

there is a claim on the 'discuss' link that "many of them are not entirely 

this might be because things are outdated
some of our pages have been subsumed into other wiki pages and then a redirect 
put on, so the Aussie page on why to use Yahoo, and why to use Landsat has 
been replaced with a page about making your own photos and mentioning the Gaza 

I think that we need to put our stuff on our own wiki.
What does the owner of openstreetmap.com.au think of copying our Aussie wiki 
pages elsewhere so that writing intended for Australian readers is not removed 
in favour of internationalised stuff?

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