[talk-au] Abuse

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Apr 27 22:19:18 BST 2010

On Wed, 28 Apr 2010, John Smith wrote:
> As best I can tell someone is screwing about:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-31.86983&lon=116.0088&zoom=15&layers=B00
> 0FTF
> First it was a primary Chloe Thurkle Highway, then it upgraded to a
> trunk road and called Charlie Sheen Highway, and while some parts of
> that way actually do exists, but not where I've given the location
> above

And Chloe Thurkle Drive reappears further down the road, lining the river to 
the West, as a trunk road
then becomes Simon Barber Drive
so when it finishes loading, I think we'll have all the names of the vandals 

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