[talk-au] Abuse

Voon-Li Chung chungvl at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:29:26 BST 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm new on the mailing list, so it would be appreciated if you could
forgive some of the newbie / naive responses. Is anyone else slowly
getting angrier about the vandalism :( ?

They've also added:
"Jon Cryer Drive" (56235587)
"Blake Johnson Street"
"Simon Barber Drive" (29452691)
"Highlands Road" (46594174)

and they've rerouted Bolton Avenue through the golf course at Burswood
Resort to make way for their "Simon Barber Drive"
They've renamed the main road in Kalgoorlie to "Hannan Street (Fake
Great Eastern Highway)". I'd say they lived in the Parkerville /
Stoneville area and were FIFO workers in Kalgoorlie.

"Simon Barber Drive" seems to be a fictional highway that follows the
path of the river and connects Burswood Resort, via some of their
other creations, to the Parkerville / Stoneville area. Given it's just
one "contributor", should we ask a sys/data admin to revert all his
changes and ask the relevant user questions later? The vandalism
intrudes into the CBD area of the map - I would argue that it is
falling into the "might bring the project into disrepute" elements of
the "important to respond immediately and revert first and ask
questions to the contributor in parallel" guidelines in the OSM wiki.

Looking at their changes, I don't think they've made any major
contribution to the database.

Voon-Li Chung
chungvl at gmail.com.au

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