[talk-au] MS imagery

David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Wed Dec 1 23:44:16 GMT 2010

On Wed, 2010-12-01 at 19:22 +0800, 4x4falcon wrote:
> On 01/12/10 18:46, Andrew Laughton wrote:

> >> you must use the imagery as presented in the API, you cannot modify or edit the
> >> imagery,
> > This part implies that you cannot use it as a layer, by "modifying"
> > the imagery with map overlays.
> No, it means you can not modify the original imagery.

(or use it in any way other than as presented by the API)

Does this mean you can only load (and trace) the images in this
SilverLight app?  Does it mean that a TMS/WMS layer cannot be setup,
even to re-write URLs?

> If you trace the imagery you are creating a new image and therefore are 
> not modifying the original image.

If you put an overlay on-top, this does modify the original image.
Unless they mean its illegal to gain access to their servers, and
actually modify their original images, Im trying to see what other
meaning this could have.  What about resizing the images?  I know
merkaartor for example loads background images with a custom zoom, so it
often scales images to properly fit the resolution being used, is this
now against MS's rules?

All these things REALLY matter now.  With groups like NearMap, if we
broke the letter of the licence, while still following the spirit of the
licence, they'd overlook it or seek to fix their licence.  If the same
happens with Microsoft, I dont see MS saying "oh well, you followed the
freeness of the licence, it doesnt matter if you breached our terms".
The sole reason theyve gotten so large as a company, is due to the
creation (and enforcement) of licences that benefit them in favour of
another party.


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