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Mon Dec 20 23:59:14 GMT 2010

Jim Wrote


Since taking a photo of something entails little or no "independent
intellectual effort", does this means that if someone publishs a photograph
then anyone can freely derive any information from that photoghraph without
even any attribution, if they so desire? (In Australia juristriction of

Also I believe that the following actions also entail little or no
"independent intellectual effort".

1) walking/riding/driving around with a gps turned on and collecting GPS
2) Tracing roads from either GPS traces or any imagery.
3) Copying down street names from a street sign and then adding then to a
traced road.
4) Noting and publishing the location of POIs.
5) etc...

Therefore, does this also mean that any contributions to the OSM project
attract no copyright and can be freely used to derive information from,
without any attribution, if so desired?

I really hope the answers to these two questions are yes, since it appeals
to what I consider "freedom of information".
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