[talk-au] mapping marsh at the edge of a bay

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Thu Dec 23 11:19:58 GMT 2010

> On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 2:46 PM,<info at 4x4falcon.com>  wrote:
>> I usually map these as in the second example, ie coastline along the water
>> to marsh/mangrove boundary then separate area for the marsh/mangroves.
>> I'd also suggest that the treed area should be natural=wetland
>> wetland=mangrove rather than natural=marsh.
> Sounds good.
> Out of interest, how do you know it is mangrove and not any of these?
>      * wetland=swamp - An area of waterlogged forest, with dense vegetation.
>      * wetland=saltmarsh - Coastal marshes, exposed to tidal inundation
> with sea water, therefore characterised by herbaceous plants with
> special adaptations to saline environments.
>      * wetland=mangrove - Mangroves, tidal forests of salt-tolerant
> mangrove trees, forming along tropical coastlines.
> Thank you.


What's there is trees so can not be saltmarsh,


Definitely not swamp, as it's not continuously waterlogged, as in tea 
tree swamps.

Mangroves are not restricted to tropical coastlines.


Plus it's been a while since I was there but I remember mangroves around 
that area.

Also comparing them with here:


and I know these are definitely mangroves.  They look very similar/same 
to me.


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