[talk-au] Canberra - last white spot on the map

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Tue Feb 9 03:25:50 GMT 2010

John Smith wrote:

> On 9 February 2010 10:56, John Henderson <snowgum at gmx.com> wrote:
>> I take "ethanol" as meaning e100 (like what's available in Brazil).
> It doesn't explicitly state one way or the other on the wiki:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Fuel
> Also it's against the laws of physics to get e100, you need additivies
> to stop water in humidity bonding with pure ethanol, and to stop
> people from trying to drink it instead of putting it in their cars,
> from memory the best you can do is e95...

As a term for automotive fuel, e100 means that there's no 
petroleum/gasoline whatsoever in the mix: 

Similarly, I take "biodiesel" to mean b100, as is sold at at least one 
servo in Sydney.  b5 and b20 are more commonly-available grades of Diesel.

> Yes, but I'd still add the right tags to OSM otherwise only that site
> has the information.

Except that it's understood that Australian servos will sell 91 octane 
ULP, whereas that fuel is excluded by default on www.osmfuel.org - only 
the European grades (95 and 98 octane) come up unless 91 is explicitly 

John H

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