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Subject: [OSM-talk] New OSM GeoData License Status
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Here is an update from the License Working Group.

We feel we've reached a reasonable community consensus to move forward
carefully based on results from the OSMF member vote and from the
general community poll (below).

At the moment, we are trying to address some concerns raised by OSM
and OSMF members about the new Contributor Terms.  These have been
slightly modified and the latest version can be seen here
http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License/Contributor_Terms . If any
one is interested in what the changes are and why, I'll be writing to
the legal-talk list shortly. We expect to get this finally reviewed
and ready in the next few days.

The next step is introduce "dual licensing" for *new* OpenStreetMap
contributors as soon as possible.  When they register, they will be
asked to license their contributions under both CC-BY-SA and ODbL
until and when the ODbL is finally in place.  This is an important
step as it has always been the most urgent step step in the process
... the longer we leave it, the more contributors we have to be

Follow ups to legal-talk please!


The OSMF member vote has been closed, and the results from 270 members
polled are:

 Approved the process:        132
 Did not approve the process:  16
 Didn't vote:                 122


 Approval rate: 89%
 Turnout rate:  55%

You can see full results, including a survey of member's opinions for
future direction at:


The open poll on on general community reaction is available here and
is still open if you want to add your view:


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