[talk-au] Canberra - last white spot on the map

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 10:59:08 GMT 2010

On 10 February 2010 20:28, Sam Couter <sam at couter.id.au> wrote:
> This happens with lower concentrations of ethanol, one reason why fuel
> companies love it and motorists should refuse it.

In theory small amounts of water mixed like that shouldn't be a
problem in most current engines,we're talking at most 5% water content
for 95% ethanol here, but since fuel grade ethanol in Australia is at
most 10% this won't be an issue anyway.

> Methylated spirits these days is nearly 100% ethanol. The main additive
> is a bittering agent to discourage people from drinking it and maybe an
> emetic agent just in case they do. Back in the days when it contained
> methanol people still drank it which did even more damage.

Don't forget the boot polish...

metho is 95% alc by weight at 20C...

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