[talk-au] Suburb boundaries

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 07:45:47 GMT 2010

On 15 February 2010 17:31, Arie Paap <wildmyron at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have no idea about the coast lines - though the coastline checker
> doesn't report any errors for WA at the moment:
> http://coastline.openstreetmap.nl/?lat=-30.02&lon=120.85&zoom=6&layers=B00T

Has anyone been documenting different sorts of tools on the wiki
somewhere, if not I'll start a page.

> The damage I reported to boundaries was accidental - a combination of
> Potlatch hiding the roads underneath the boundary ways and lack of
> awareness of what the boundary ways are for.

I think the current mind set of a free for all will have to change at
some point, I know I've screwed things up in the past but I also fixed
a lot of my own mistakes too, however there is probably a lot of
mistakes people don't know how to fix and they also don't ask for help
or tell anyone else what's happened.

There is talk on the local-chapters list about having an ability to
lock features, in their case political borders from biased mappers
being overly political with OSM data.

Perhaps admin boundaries need to be "locked" from editing until people
have a certain amount of mapping under their belt and/or ask for the
ability to add/edit/delete admin boundaries, this might prevent or at
least reduce some of the accidents and new accounts being created to
shift borders for the wrong reasons.

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