[talk-au] answers to the difficult questions

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Wed Feb 17 10:47:33 GMT 2010

On Wed, 17 Feb 2010, Nick Hocking wrote:
> Actually, it is interesting to see (via the river reports) where all the
> recent flood waters are being secreted away and how much is actually
>  getting to S.Aus.   A couple more cyclones and maybe Lake Alexandrina
>  maybe get refilled.
so, let's whinge about the other end of the system.....
In the late 20s the grand plan to make the Murray permanently navigable to 
Goolwa was hatched.
At Goolwa they would tranship to ocean going vessels.
So they cut off two coastal lakes from the sea with the barrages. 
By the time the barrages were completed the river trade had died and the 
railways had taken over.
So now there are two large coastal lakes with no access to the sea, and 
demands to provide large quantities of water which is simply evaporated from 
them. Some farmers got irrigation licences to use this water.
I'm in favour of the weir at Wellington to keep the sea out of Adelaide's 
water supply, a pipe to supply the lake side irrigators and letting the sea 
into the lakes so that they are brackish as they were 80-90 years ago.

The recent flood waters are actually being absorbed by the Darling river, 
filling its own wetlands and providing some water for irrigation - only a 
small increase in allocation given to some NW Slopes farmers so far.

10 years without rain leaves the country very parched, so let Penny Wrong know 
we're not withholding water, we just ain't got any.

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