[talk-au] answers to difficult questions

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 11:22:53 GMT 2010

On 17 February 2010 21:02, Nick Hocking <nick.hocking at gmail.com> wrote:
> If S.Aust needs more fresh water then it should be just more impetus to
> develop renewable sources of energy to create it, e.g solar wind and better
> use of nuclear.

There is always a down side to most "renewables". Solar/wind is too
expensive (per watt) and not dependable enough to be used as base
load, regardless of any claims by snake oil sales men.

While we probably have the land needed for hydro, we lack the water.

For base load there is very few options that will provide
cheap/reliable power needed, since it will be almost impossible to get
people to have peak demands during people generation.

So that just leaves coal or nuclear, there is a very safe nuclear
option, although they have yet to get the science right to make a
borium reactor work, alternatively there is some fairly safe fission
options as well, the only major nuclear accident was due to Russian
engineering, they should have gotten the Germans to build it and it
wouldn't have happened. Oh and if you don't want kids, volunteer to be
on a Russian nuclear submarine :)

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