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Andy Botting andy at andybotting.com
Thu Feb 18 23:22:27 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Just thought I'd update on this.

>>  1. What sort of agreement do I need from Yarra Trams before this
>> information can be uploaded into OSM? What have others done in the
>> past? What can you do if they agree one day, then change their mind?
> Generally you should get some form, either by a published copyright
> that is compatible with the OSM license, or a specific statement
> allowing OSM to import the data under it's license, if the general
> copyright is not compatible.

I had a chat to a guy at Yarra Trams, who was REALLY helpful. He was
quite interested in what I was trying to do, and OSM in general.

I explained to him the benefits of having this open data and he
started to see the benefits of it once I told him that he'd probably
come across OSM maps in things like iPhone apps, etc where you can't
use Google's maps.

It seemed that Metlink actually own this data, and I finally got a
response from them today:


  "As DOT is yet to consider Creative Commons licensing pending the
Government's response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Improving
Access to Public Sector Information and Data, the Director of Public
Transport does not approve of the release of the tram stop data
requested under a Creative Commons licence for use in the
OpenStreetMap product.

The Director would however approve the release of the data provided
the usual terms of our licence agreement were in place. "


Then, this was in the document they sent me:


Dear Andy,


I refer to your recent request to use data. This data, and any
intellectual property in it, is wholly and exclusively owned by the
Director of Public Transport on behalf of the Crown in right of the
State of Victoria (“the Director”).

The Director grants you a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence
(“Licence”) to use this data for the purpose of adding the information
to www.OpenStreetMap.org/ .

The Licence to use the data is granted solely to OpenStreetMap and is
subject to the following conditions and obligations:

  1. The data must not be used for any purpose other than that specified above.

  2. The data must not be retained by OpenStreetMap after the
requirement for it (as specified above) has been satisfied.

  3. The data must not be altered or amended in any way whatsoever.

  4. The data must not be sub-licensed, traded, sold, or otherwise
made available to any other person or entity by OpenStreetMap.

  5. The data must not be used in any manner that may, in the sole
opinion of Metlink, be misleading, or which may denigrate, disparage
or bring into disrepute Metlink, a public transport operator or the
Victorian Government or public transport in Victoria.

  6. Metlink has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the data is
accurate and current.  However, no warranty is given by Metlink or the
Director that the data is free from errors or is complete or

  7. OpenStreetMap assumes the sole risk of interpreting and applying
the data, and indemnifies Metlink and the Director against all
demands, claims, liability, loss, damage or injury of any kind
whatsoever (including consequential loss and damage and any legal
costs) that may be suffered by any person in connection with the use
of the data or the existence of errors in [the data] including as a
result of the way in which OpenStreetMap has interpreted, applied or
used the data.

  8. The Licence is revocable upon the termination or expiry of the
Metlink Services Agreement between Metlink and the Director.


Clearly this isn't going to work, but thought it might be of interest
to you guys.



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