[talk-au] answers to difficult questions

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Sat Feb 20 04:27:28 GMT 2010

David Murn wrote:

> Ive been tagging all nodes as power=tower where its evident from nearmap
> that there is a large metal tower, however rendered tiles only show the
> power=tower nodes, not the power=pylon nodes.

Yes, I see them rendering now.  I'd picked an unfortunately small sample 

> I havent seen many power lines drawn for Australia, but since they are
> relatively easy to trace on nearmap and can be useful when shown on maps
> at high zoom levels, I figured Id trace them in.  Ive also traced a
> large number of powerlines from the Shepparton Nearmap, using the same
> method described above.

It's certainly difficult to map them without nearmap!

John H

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