[talk-au] Overland Track added

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Sat Feb 20 19:27:45 GMT 2010

Steve Bennett wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I've added the Overland Track* and all the major side trips:
>  http://osm.org/go/uDrl4bT
> (scroll down to see the full thing)
> That includes the ascents of Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff, Lake Will,
> Old Pelion Hut, Mt Oakleigh (about 3/4 of it), the waterfalls near Du
> Cane Hut, Mt Ossa, the Acropolis and Labyrinth Lookout. There are a
> few gaps in the trace when I forgot to restart the GPS after a break.
> Most of the gaps are pretty short, and the weakest area is around the
> waterfalls.

Well done.  It's quite an adventure, and one you'll likely do again some 

But you forgot to mark the main track as one-way :)

Have you got elevations you can add for the peaks?  Eg "ele=1234". 
Don't specify units - metres is understood.  And my Garmin assumes that 
any letter after the ele=* tag (even "m") means it's feet, and converts 
it from feet to metres before display (showing a wildly incorrect figure 
as a result).

> Can't wait till it shows up here:
> http://osm.lonvia.de/world_hiking.html?zoom=13&lat=-41.7011&lon=145.94805&layers=FFBT

On past performances, it'll be rendered as a route early Monday morning 
(updated every 24 hours).

Have you considered adding the track marker for display on the hiking 
map?  Maybe:


John H

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