[talk-au] Overland Track added

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Sun Feb 21 01:07:00 GMT 2010

Steve Bennett wrote:

> It's not really one-way. You can only complete the whole track in one
> direction from about November to April or so, but there's no rule
> about doing individual sections in reverse order.

That was tongue-in-cheek on my part.  I just love the government telling 
me which direction I should walk in.

> Lol - is that what the "ele" tag is. Oops. That means I had even
> uploaded waypoints with elevations for some summits.
> Then again, I didn't calibrate the altimeter, so they wouldn't be much use.
> I'm not sure what would count as reasonable sources for elevation
> data. Presumably not reading off maps, but what about books, other
> websites, signposts...?

I sometimes use the altimeter in my Garmin 76CSx, but it's a 
automatically GPS-calibrated barometric altimeter, and quite accurate.

Otherwise, I just look it up from several sources and get a rough consensus.

> I dunno, I don't think the Overland really has a particular track
> marker, does it? Sure, there are red (or orange?) triangles used at
> certain points, but they're also used on the side trips. And there are
> very long sections with no markers at all, because they're not needed.

Orange triangle is the present standard according to: 

Red is the nearest colour available from 

As they say, the symbol (if used) should approximate the one walkers 
will see on the track, or be otherwise meaningful rather than just 
looking nice.

John H

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