[talk-au] GA national park and state forest datasource - been discussed before?

Chris Barham cbarham at pobox.com
Tue Feb 23 21:41:29 GMT 2010

I've been poking around for Qld  National parks and State Forests info to
allow me to bring the data in from DCDB, and came across this CC licenced
dataset at GA which I hadn't seen referenced on the wiki or the mailing list

Geoscience Australia - Land Tenure 2003 CC licenced dataset of Land Tenure,
National Parks, State Forests (or equivalent) etc:
* http://www.ga.gov.au/meta/ANZCW0703005424.html *

This is good stuff right? The state forests and national parks would be nice
to import? I've added it as a potential datasource to this page of the wiki:

Features included in dataset:
Aboriginal reserve over 100km2
Aboriginal freehold over 100km2
Aboriginal leasehold over 100km2
Defence land
Forest reserve
Freehold land other than Aboriginal land
Leasehold land other than Aboriginal land
Marine reserve
Mining reserve
Multiple public land parcels
Aboriginal freehold-national park
Nature conservation reserve
Other Crown land
Unallocated area of ocean
Vacant crown land
Water supply reserve

Aboriginal reserve 0.1 to 10km2
Aboriginal reserve 10 to 100km2
Aboriginal freehold 0.1 to 10km2
Aboriginal freehold 10 to 100km2
Aboriginal leasehold 0.1 to 10km2
Aboriginal leasehold 10 to 100km2

Coastline of Australia
Reserve boundary
State borders
Tile edge

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