[talk-au] Overmapping?

Michael spam-me at gmx-ist-cool.de
Wed Feb 24 13:00:32 GMT 2010

Hi all!

With the excellent resolution of the nearmap images, the smallest
detailscan easily be added. But is this always a good idea?
Have a look at
The footways along Duoro Road and Harbour Street (but not the one
between them!) do not carry any information IMHO, but clutter the map
display, especially on GPS units. With three times as much nodes per
meter of the street(the actual road + 2 footways), data processing and
editing is getting ever more resource hungry.

For pedestrian routing, the same information can be represented by
adding pavement=left/right/both (I think there was a proposed tag, but I
can't find it on the map features page) to the highway and
highway=crossing at the crossing nodes (where currently there are
mapping errors, because the footways and highways are not connected).
What is lost, is precision of the map display at the meter-scale, i.e.
at the scale of GPS accuracy.

I don't think there is any tag that currently renders. One might imagine
having a wider border of the road on the side of the pavement, in the
correct color (footway/cycleway/path). This even has the advantage that
the pavement remains visible on smaller zoom levels, where in 1:1
mapping, the overwide drawing of the roads usually hides it.
IIRC there was a proposed implementation for osmarender doing sth. along
these lines a while ago.

What is everybody's opinion on this? Map whatever you can, or abstract
certain features?


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