[talk-au] Hiking tracks: foot=yes or foot=designated?

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Sun Feb 28 00:38:28 GMT 2010

Steve Bennett wrote:

> It would be nice to see the Hume and Hovell Trail, and (when mapped)
> the Great Dividing Trail (Bendigo to Ballarat with offshoots), and
> perhaps others. You're effectively arguing that this map should never
> show those trails at this scale. Therefore, if Australians want to see
> maps like that at this scale, they're going to need an
> Australian-specific map that interprets NWN/RWN/LWN differently. How
> does this support interoperability?

If they're too stupid to zoom in to see those tracks, they shouldn't be 
walking them.  Seriously.

Or are you arguing something different?  If you're arguing that each 
track should show in its entirety at some zoom level, and doesn't on my 
scheme, then that's important.

But I checked the Hume and Hovell Walking Track for that aspect in the 
early days, and it does (Yass to Albury): 

I do not wish to put my case again.  If it made no impact the first 
time, it won't now.

John H

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