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As a slightly different tack, criminals are now using cheap GPS jammers when
ripping off trucks with valuable loads to defeat the GPS-based
tracking-and-reporting.  The side effects of a jammer can be considerable,
including bringing down cellular phone systems.  And, of course, screwing up
the GPS tracks of any innocent OSM mappers nearby...



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> On 8 July 2010 23:05, Jim Croft <jim.croft at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20727670.900-virtual-prisons-how-emaps-are-curtailing-our-freedom.html
> The only new thing in that article is the potential scale being hinted
> at, but this is merely an evolution of existing technology.
> As they point out, some people already have RFID transceivers
> installed in their cars for tolls, a few years ago cops in New York
> City lost their jobs because the company in charge of the tollway
> installed sensors along the length of the road way, not just at toll
> points so you could track where people went, and the cops in questions
> weren't where they should have been.
> The same company got subpoenaed by divorce lawyers to check up on
> cheating spouses.
> Same with GPS tracking technology, this stuff has been used for years
> to house arrest people in the US and also track sex offenders going
> too close to schools, but it was shown recently triggered alarms
> weren't acted upon, so no matter how well the technology is designed
> we can thank human complacency to limit the overall abuse. :)
> You also have various governments assuming that road usage can be
> tracked by GPS, this kind of system has been used in parts Europe for
> taxis for a while, the result is GPS signal is blocked or faked to
> abuse the system.
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