[talk-au] Progress of Victorian efforts

Craig Feuerherdt craigfeuerherdt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 11:48:02 BST 2010

Finally got around to updating the data showing progress of road mapping
across Victoria as compared to the 'definitive' source from the Victorian

The table can be found at
There is no lack of work to be done :)

Some interesting facts;
> Vicmap has almost 295,000km of roads mapped
> Just under 86,000km of roads have been mapped in OSM - approximately 30%
of Vicmap roads
> The postcode with the largest variation to Vicmap is 3496 (Horsham) with
almost 5,500km 'missing'
> Of the mapped roads, 23,300km does not have a name
> Postcode 3730 (Yarrawonga) has the largest length of unnamed roads of
almost 420km.

These numbers highlight the influence of high resolution nearmap imagery
through the central part of Victoria as shown at

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