[talk-au] Queensland parks, forests and conservation areas

Markus markus_g at bigpond.com
Mon Jul 12 12:06:55 BST 2010

I don't think there is a need to merge the parks with the ABS suburbs or
coastline. Better to leave them separate. It is also easier to edit in the

I have noticed problems with mgkmap when merging anything with the coastline
if an admin level is added as it only draws the coastline in garmin
mapsource when the zoom level of the admin level is reached.

I have been experimenting converting the coastlines to ways on there own and
removing them from boundaries and have had great success in getting them now
to show up in mapsource.

Also I have noticed in potlatch the coastline seems to render better also
when having the coastline separate as it will draw the coatline even if the
park goes over it. 


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On 04/07/2010, at 8:11 PM, Markus wrote:
> Had a look,
> I like it.
> It is good you also have added leisure=nature_reserve or landuse=forest as
> it will render with default settings with mgkmap. 

The first bits of the data are up at http://osm.org/go/vJBtHMj-- (Magnetic
Island NP and Townsville Common CA) and http://osm.org/go/vJAoQAF (Mingela
SF). If anyone has any complaints, let me know in the next few days before I
start uploading more.

I haven't done any merging is the parks data with ABS suburb or coastal
boundaries. If someone really else feels like doing that they can.

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