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Wed Jul 21 09:59:07 BST 2010

        On 21 July 2010 07:08, Liz <edodd at billiau.net> wrote:
        > I made an animation a couple of years ago, and probably still have a copy.
        > What is now needed pictorially is the difference with and without my edits.
        To do this properly, you need a complete copy of the DB dump
        included all history made last year, and then you need to
        parse that file to make sure to only include data prior to the
        before you made changes, or just to exclude it entirely if you
        the first edit.
        Not something for the faint of heart...

This can be done easyishly thus so:-
Login to osm ito world mapper

Once you've got an area of the map that you want to use then:
Select "Osm Sessions" from the view box
Select a changeset that you've done
Select "Filter by Me" from the view box

And it'll show all the ways that were last edited by that user (yourself
in this case).
Note that this is a half truth, it doesn't show all the work that's been

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