[talk-au] Wineries

edodd at billiau.net edodd at billiau.net
Thu Jul 22 23:31:35 BST 2010

> Hi.
> Yes I'm thinking that tourism=attraction is probably the most appropriate
> tag, in that I'm probably interested in the winery due to tourism rather
> than commerce.
> If there is also a restaurant there I'd probably tag that separately.
> As before, note that a vineyard is a different thing to a winery, and
> already has appropriate tags. Presumably the winery get their grapes from
> one or more vineyards, although I am no expert on the matter. :)
>  - Ben.

most wineries get their grapes from lots of vineyards.
most have some vineyard of their own (it adds to the ambience)
boutique wineries may just use their own grapes

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