[talk-au] tagging the source of edits

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 16:43:06 BST 2010

On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 9:07 PM, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com> wrote:
> If an existing way was marked as source:yahoo, but I made some minor
> alterations from nearmap imagery what should I do to the source?

Unlike some of the other answers, I don't think it's at all clear what
to do here.

1) Change the tag to source=nearmap: that's misattributing any parts
of the way that you didn't update
2) Change the tag to source=yahoo;nearmap: tedious, but relatively accurate
3) Add source tags to the individual nodes that you moved: I often do
this, but it's probably causing database bloat
4) Add source tags just to the changeset: IMHO this is insufficient,
as it requires enormous effort later to retrieve changeset information
and match it against ways, or vice versa.

It's hard to say exactly at what point a way is no longer "sourced"
from yahoo. What if hypothetically, the surface information came from
yahoo, but the locations came from nearmap? It's tricky.

I would love to know whether Yahoo or Nearmap actually gives a damn.


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