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Ben Last ben.last at nearmap.com
Thu Jul 29 02:15:18 BST 2010

On 29 July 2010 08:32, Simon Biber <simonbiber at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>The established meaning of setting "source" to "nearmap" is that the
position of
>the object was traced from NearMap PhotoMaps. I don't think it's right to
>"source" to "nearmap" when a user on your website adds a name to a street,
>that information cannot be gained from PhotoMaps.
I'm not sure it's that clear-cut.  The original street may have been traced
from a different source, or added as the result of a GPS track, but the user
can identify which street it is by looking at the line of it because it is
overlaid on our map.  If the PhotoMap wasn't visible under the trace, I
would agree that source=nearmap isn't as valid, but because the map is an
essential part of the context that allows the user to confirm which street
it is, I'd argue that adding (rather than replacing) source=nearmap reflects
what's actually happening; the data is being *partially derived* from the
map.  And setting source=nearmap for adding housenumber nodes is even more
appropriate :)
Or would you argue that source isn't the correct tag to track the derivation
history of OSM data?

> I would encourage you to allow the user to specify the source of the name
> for
> each street they correct or add names to. These should be stored in the tag
> "source:name". Choices could be "survey" (checked the sign), "knowledge"
> (from
> memory), etc.
One issue that we face in trying to provide a simple interface to allow map
editing is hiding (as far as is possible) the complexity of OSM tagging
rules, many of which are unwritten, or become evident only by studying
common usage.  The more fields to fill in, the more complex the interface
and the less suitable for general users (i.e., those who are not mappers and
don't really care very much about mapping).  We might do this (as you
suggest, it's a good way to emphasise the "do not copy" rule), but that's
still under discussion.

> If that's not feasible, I hope you use some other technique to make it very
> clear to users that they must not copy street names from a non-free map.

We understand this point very well :)


Ben Last
Development Manager (HyperWeb)
NearMap Pty Ltd
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