[talk-au] ODBL yet again, but from a pragmatic approach...

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 08:46:15 BST 2010

On 31 July 2010 10:36, James Livingston <lists at sunsetutopia.com> wrote:
> Then it doesn't help at all - what if ODbL 1.1 says that you can freely relicense to CC-Zero? And if you think that can't happen, go look at the GNU Free Documentation Licence 1.3 and Wikipedia. That kind of legal hijinks is the only reason Wikipedia can be under a CC licence now.

Instead of specifying licenses and version, maybe the CTs need to
explicitly state a minimal type of license, in the case of
ODBL/CC-by-SA they are attribution + share alike style licenses, that
would still allow updating the license if an undesirable loop hole is
found, but limit changing the license to be similar in spirit.

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