[talk-au] NearMap support for OSM editing

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Tue Jun 8 09:40:20 BST 2010

> we had a conversation on one of these lists about what would be wanted in a 
> bog_basic editor once
> and i think it came down to name and classify a street and add a single point 
> to be a POI, name and classify it.

Personally I would not like to see much more than this and I don't think being able to reclassify a street is suitable without strict guidelines and/or limits (eg an untagged way).  For issues with these have a look around Fremantle at the moment and you'll see a number of oddly classified roads (secondary - trunk - secondary - trunk in the space of a few blocks).

Anything more than this and it would lead to easy vandalism and I can see lots of nearmap staff time being occupied with reverts rather than other things (like imagery of North Qld ;)).

The POI's should be select and choose, with the only text option being the name and addresses.

All up though it would be great to have extra street names added and address as well.


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