[talk-au] NearMap support for OSM editing

Voon-Li Chung chungvl at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 06:00:08 BST 2010

>> 1. It's too hard to get Nearmap users to go through the signup process for OSM
> For a given value of "hard" :)  Yes, right now we think it's too
> complex and there's also no easy way for us to tell if they're already
> signed up/logged into OSM.
Yep. I guess it would involve asking them to sign up twice.

> Interesting point... is a given Nearmap user any less trustworthy than
> a given OSM user? :)
> Or are you thinking that this would be a result of us making it easier
> to make changes?

A fair question. I'm working under the assumption that a nearmap user
is most likely unfamilar with OSM or how to edit ways and POIs
according to the agreed standards; otherwise you wouldn't be trying to
make it easier for your users to edit OSM data :)

> That's a good idea, but it doesn't help us address one key
> requirement, which is that we want to allow users to make corrections
> on the map and see the results of those changes in very short order
> (preferably immediately).  The OSM data structure is not well suited
> to us storing edits locally and using them to correct the data used
> for rendering, so our preference if to resubmit the edits back to OSM
> as soon as possible so that we can regenerate the maps from the OSM
> updates.
I guess a compromise would be to display another layer that contains
all the suggested changes that have been made by all the different
nearmap users. People would be able to see "oh someone's already
flagged that for an edit", and see what the status of all the
suggestions are (Accepted, Reviewed, In progress, Fixed, Won't Fix
etc). Sort of like a GIS Bugzilla.

Voon-Li Chung
chungvl at gmail.com.au

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