[talk-au] Hikers on this list?

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 13:20:25 BST 2010

On 19 June 2010 20:04, Craig Feuerherdt <craigfeuerherdt at gmail.com> wrote:
> The only DEM that I know about is the 9second product from Geoscience
> Australia - http://www.ga.gov.au/meta/ANZCW0703011541.html It does cost $100
> and probably has some stringent use/distribution limitations.
> You want the DEM to produce a hillshade or to derive contours from? If you
> want contours the Geo Data 250k product
> (http://www.ga.gov.au/image_cache/GA8349.pdf) is downloadable. Once again
> not certain on the licencing arrangements.

A little birdy tells me that they think the GA data may suffer similar
problems to the SRTM data, in any case will have to look into the
licensing, it may not be favourable even if the data isn't being
uploaded to OSM.

In the mean time we can play spot the unmapped islands, so far I've
found several, including this one in SA waters.


This island chain near Singapore:


And the first one I spotted was in NZ waters:


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