[talk-au] rendering fords

John Smith deltafoxtrot256 at gmail.com
Sat May 8 03:43:04 BST 2010

On 8 May 2010 12:37, John Henderson <snowgum at gmx.com> wrote:
> On 08/05/10 11:57, John Smith wrote:
>> What is the difference between a ford and a floodway/causeway? I
>> thought they were the same thing.
> I've always understood a causeway to be a longish raised road that keeps
> you out of the water when travelling across an otherwise wet area.

This got covered in the past, depending where you live, depends on
what you think a causeway is...

> And a floodway to be a section of road that you wouldn't usually need to
> slow for, but which might be subject to brief flooding after local rain.

If a causeway/floodway is signed you usually should slow down for them
cause they can be nasty little dips you will bottom out in...

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