[talk-au] More General Observations

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Sun May 9 10:33:37 BST 2010

One other thing I forgot to mention.

Over mapping.

Mainly on straight roads.  I know when tracing it can make it easier to do so using lots of nodes but this vandalism was hard to revert because of the number of excess nodes on ways.

A better way to trace a road is to put a node at one end and then at the other end.  You then drag the center points (in josm) to align the road where necessary.  I think you can do the same in potlatch but I'm not really sure as I don't use it as it's painfully slow.

A straight road only needs two nodes one at each end.  I found ways with nodes every 50m on a road that was 2km long.  Now whe I removed all the inner nodes and left only the two end ones it was in exactly the same place on the road on the nearmap imagery.

So unless you are adding extra information to a straight road, traffic_calming, speed zones, pedestrian crossings don't put more than the start and end node on straight roads.

Use the Simplify Way tool in Josm or the Tidy tool in potlatch before you upload the way.

Don't have a node <2m away from an intersection, it makes it really hard to determine where the errors are.


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