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David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Tue May 25 18:07:50 BST 2010

I received this follow-up email to a query about some strange tagging.
I thought it was worth throwing out there to get the lists opinion on
the appropriate way to tag this road.  In summary, it is 21km long and
is one-way for 10.5hrs, dual-way for 1.5hr, then one-way in the opposite
direction for 10.5hrs and dual-way again for 1.5hr.  Then just for fun,
on weekends, the day/night pattern is reversed.

The way involved is http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/29157697

*grabs the popcorn*

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Hi dvaey, 

jackb has sent you a message through OpenStreetMap with the subject Re: Strange tags from you on OSM?:

On Thu Apr 15 23:20:25 UTC 2010 dvaey wrote:

> G'day mate,
> I was seaching for a streetname in OSM named 'Howie' and came across an edit you made about 18 months ago in Adelaide, with the following tag:
> <tag=FIXME><value=How on earth does one tag tidal oneways?>
> Im happy enough to fix the tagging but am unsure what you mean by tidal one-way.

Sorry to take so long to respond -- have been away from OSM for some time.

That must have been the Southern Expressway -- it's a rather bizarre road. At 21km in length, it's probably the world's longest one-way street.

It's "tidal" in that it changes direction to suit traffic patterns at different times of day.

During the week, it's one-way in the Northbound direction between 2am-12:30pm, one-way Southbound between 2pm-12:30am, and entry prohibited for changeover between 12:30am-2am & between 12:30pm-2pm.

Just to make things more confusing, on weekends & public holidays, the Northbound & Southbound time-slots get swapped around!

I couldn't figure out how to represent such a strange road accurately in OSM way back when I left those tags you saw. And I still can't figure it out now. I'm beginning to think that it might not be possible.

For more information on the Southern Expressway, see http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/transport_network/traffic_ops/southern_express.asp



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