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Wouldn't this problem be easier to manage if each CC-BY data source was kept in 
separate data store which is combined as a layer on the client or tile server?   
These layers could then be attributed when or if they  are actually shown.  This 
would also simplify the situation where data such as the postcode boundaries is 
being attributed to the ABS but has been changed by an OSM mapper, possibly not 
for the better, as well as allowing us to easily incorporate updates.

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There was a issue being explored about the fact that the Contributor
Terms (rather than ODbL itself) allowed relicencing but didn't
explicitly ensure that attribution was maintained:

Attribution is a big thing to comply with the spirit of the government
data releases but the respondent on that wiki page states "Should a
data donor feel that this [attribution on derived works] is important,
then probably that data should not be in OSM, no matter what license
we use.".
This seems out of touch with the situation on the ground; one of the
big things any data donor is going to get out of providing their data
is free advertising for how public minded they are. I would think the
better solution is to have the attribution simplified like Google Maps
does. eg. Google Maps for canberra says "Copyright PSMA, MapQuest"
etc. OSM post-ODbL could have a technical solution that suggests to
derivative users (Mapnik etc.) if you want to make a map of data
between -35.15, 149.00 and -35.3, 149.25, it should have "Source: OSM
Contributors, ABS, Geoscience Australia" on it. In the case of
Australia, we also have stuff like the Service Stations and I don't
know the attribution requirements on those but I'm sure that there
aren't so many data imports that there would be difficulty attributing
them when they are visible. ie. The ABS suburbs aren't visible on a
world map but the UN coastline boundaries are so give credit where
credit is due.

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