[talk-au] Is the RTA making their own fork..

David Murn davey at incanberra.com.au
Mon Oct 18 21:26:57 BST 2010

>From the NSW RTA website..


‘My Bikeroute’ is the first step in a NSW Government program to improve
the availability of information about bike-riding in the State. In this
first, 10-week phase we are asking cyclists to help us map the
‘bikeable’ street network in Greater Sydney – not the bike lanes, shared
paths or marked bike routes that make up the existing cycleway network,
but those links in the local street and path system that are good places
to ride, being quieter, more direct, less hilly or simpler to navigate
than a busy road. We are also collecting information on bicycle

Maybe they should be encouraged to use existing OSM data, and contribute
their data back.. if there werent so many issues with licences, maybe
they would?

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