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I could be wrong about this but  It looks to me like Rosscoe added the street names for Marree.  Most of the information in the changeset you referenced is for Coober Pedy.  As far as I can tell the guy was on holiday in Aus mapped Coober Pedy then traveled on through Marree adding the pub as he went.  

Any way if you have concerns I think you should contact him directly before suggesting his work be reverted.  

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Rosscoe surveyed the streets of Marree, and there are no street signs
at all. From the comfort of his German home, staehler has determined
the street names, adding in a few interesting points in the wrong
place, but just the same as certain commercial map, spelling the name
of the hotel and health service wrongly (which might avoid copyright
I saw in this guys changesets also Halls Creek, and I really think that
we should revert any Australian stuff he has done.

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