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Subject: [OpenStreetMap] Re: Marree, South Australia
From:    "staehler" <m-141249-8c1a48 at messages.openstreetmap.org>
Date:    Wed, October 27, 2010 17:37
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Hi drlizau,

staehler has sent you a message through OpenStreetMap with the subject Re:
Marree, South Australia:


you obviously found a patch which hasn't removed last time. I copied some
names and streets from google, sorry for this. I officially apologized for
my mistake, see attached mail. I'm going to remove my edits in marree and
please accept my apologize.

Best regards,

Hi Neal,

I'll get support from Frederik (Germany). He is going to revert my
changes. After that OSM is clean from my edits.

I'll keep my enthusiasm for OSM :-)


On Wed Apr 14 02:13:14 UTC 2010 NRS wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes OSM is infectious. I don't know much about reverting changesets but
others who do seem to have taken up the query. I will leave it to them.
> Please keep your enthusiasm for OSM.
> Cheers
> Neal
> On Tue Apr 13 20:18:08 UTC 2010 staehler wrote:
> > Hi Neal,
> >
> > first of all please accept my appologise for my obvious mistakes I made.
> > I try to prepare my australia holiday and want to compile my own
garmin maps. Therefore I added some additional POIs and played with
JOSM. Accidentially the fuel POIs have been uploaded. I already
removed them from OSM.
> >
> > But to be honest, after drawing overland roads from landsat I also
copied roads from google to complete some places of our planned route.
I didn't do this on different layers in JOSM and uploaded both to OSM,
the copied roads from google and the copied overland roads from
landsat. I couldn't stop my enthusiasm to the openstreetmap project
and walked the illegal way - I'm so sorry!
> >
> > How can I remove my changesets? I'ld appreciate your assistance in
this, if possible:
> > #4341783
> > #4341031
> > #4339058
> > #4338519
> > #4332119
> > #4330945
> > #4330174
> >
> > Again, please appologise all inconvinience I have caused :-(
> >
> > Nevertheless I'm looking forward visiting australia with our rent 4WD
next year :-)
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Michael


On 2010-10-26 20:24:55 UTC drlizau wrote:

> Staehler, from where did you get the street names in Marree? There isn't
a single street sign in the town.

You can also read the message at
and you can reply at http://www.openstreetmap.org/message/reply/141249

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